Tracy Shepherd

I got my first sewing machine when I was 8 and and was taught by my mum. I’ve continued to sew ever since  and in fact I now teach my mum a few tricks with modern machines! I love making clothes, there’s something satisfying but hard to define about the process of making something to wear.

The act of crafting an object with your hands somehow seems to reduce stress and improve happiness – it works for me!

After gaining my degree in Clothing Technology and working for WL Gore (makers of Goretex fabric) and a long spell working in a bicycle shop where I was involved with the technical and functional aspects of bicycle clothing.

Moving on I trained to become a Home Economics School Teacher, I enjoy teaching students how to sew and it makes me  happy when someone makes a garment that they’re really pleased with – and they can wear! I left school teaching 5 years ago but, garment making, and teaching continue to be my real passions and I offer my skills, knowledge and teaching experience  on a private basis.

Lots of people are drawn to sewing and garment making but for many, not as lucky as me to have learned from my mum and sewed all their life, it can be daunting to embark on a project and easy to lose heart. Also, some people are already  very skilled and merely need a little backup to tackle that challenging project. I can help at all levels, so you get to learn new skills and get a garment you can wear which is really satisfying. We are all our own unique shape and patterns also follow standard sizes which of course sort of fit but the real reason or challenge of making your own clothes is that you make them to fit and suit your shape! I can teach you how to follow a pattern and how to customise the garment.

So, if you are reading this and think you’d like to learn to sew and make your own clothes, or you want to finish that project that you started but just got a bit overwhelmed, Book a Class. I can teach beginners through to advanced level and make these projects fun and rewarding.

I can also provide gift vouchers for that perfect present, please contact me.

Tracy Shepherd
Bsc Clothing Technology
PGCE Home Economics (Secondary)

Brother freelancer for Scotland.

Brother Freelancer

As well as teaching people how to sew I also work for Brother sewing machines. This requires me to be fully trained in all the brother sewing machines from very basic to very complex.

I work with Brother sewing machines at designated shows throughout the country and also train staff in various Brother Retail outlets in Scotland.

I have trained people on  Brother Sewing machines for 5 years and have an in depth knowledge of all models.

I enjoy helping people to choose the most appropriate machine for their needs.

Please get in touch if you require training on any of the Brother sewing machine models.